Welcome  to this gallery of  Christian  icons and illuminations. These are all original works, painted with authentic earth and mineral pigments, egg tempera and real gold leaf in the traditional medieval manner. A luminous style of painting gives my icons a fresh voice within the ancient iconographic traditionI am proud to say my icons now grace homes and workplaces across the UK, in the USA, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand.

A hand-painted icon is an enduring work of art, whether it is for devotional purposes or purely to beautify your home or office. An icon is also the perfect gift for religious occasions - baptism, chrismation, first communion, marriage, ordination or retirement. For special presentations I can supply my hand-embroidered silk burses, made to measure. I am always glad to take commissions: do enquire if your special saint or subject is not represented here.

Also: Greetings cards, postcards, ember cards and Christmas cards featuring original icons and whimsical miniatures

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Icon_Sienese_Madonna_col_bambino_2014Just before Christmas I was asked if I would paint a small icon in the style of 15th century Siena, as exemplified by Sano di Pietro. With its ornate gold tooling, this is a departure from my usual style of work. The Sienese style also employed a softer technique for painting flesh, using a green earth underpainting, ideally adapted to conveying pale western european fleshtones. It is said that this characteristic elaboration of gold backgrounds and haloes was to give the piece movement and dynamism during the many candlelit processions of Sienese liturgical life. This little icon (left) is an experiment of mine in bulinatura (patterns of impressed dots in gold) and pastiglia (raised gesso).

 Madonna and Child Juliet Venter 2014
I have now finished the second version of this icon, and it will be in the spring show at Norton Way Gallery (Herts) soon. The figures are slightly enlarged, but most of the space is taken up by decorative work and lapis lazuli border. The effect is more impressive, but somehow the small icon glows like a cabochon - a special quality about the vermilion.

To see photographs of the complete painting process (version 1), click here.

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